The Most Important Computing Revolution of Our Lifetime

Quantum Computers promise to be the most important computing revolution of our time and are widely expected to define computing in the coming decades.
Quantum Computers will be able to solve some of society's most pressing problems. However, to do so the industry must first develop a new type of operating system for quantum computers, which can overcome several challenges that can only be resolved through software.
Qedma has been developing a new operating system for all types of Quantum Computers, which speeds up performance and unleashes the power of quantum computing.

Multi-qubit characterization

High precision, detailed characterization of multi-qubit systems is essential for reducing errors in quantum computers. Qedma’s characterization protocols efficiently extract the errors occurring during each operation of a quantum device. Experimentally verified, our characterization is adapted to various quantum hardware platforms to provide all key error parameters in real time.

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Automatic Calibration and Optimized Control

Our proprietary multi-qubit detailed characterization software provides an intimate look at the inner working of the quantum computer. We utilize this detailed information to realize new & more robust quantum logic gates with reduced noise, resulting in an improved quantum computer.

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Fidelity Enhancing Compiler

Current quantum computers are too noisy for most useful quantum algorithms. Qedma's fidelity enhancing compiler (FEC) can bridge this gap – using Qedma's characterization, it transforms an algorithm designed for error-free quantum computers into one that can be run on the quantum computers currently available.

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