Senior Quantum Algorithms Engineer


Qedma is looking for a senior quantum algorithms engineer, to develop the algorithms behind the quantum computing operating system of the future, as well as production-ready physics-oriented simulations and scientific software. 

You will work on a product that will serve as a layer above the biggest enterprise quantum hardware.

As a senior, you will face the cutting edge of quantum computing technologies and algorithms, and work alongside the leading academics in the fields of quantum computing, mathematics, and physics (PhDs and Professors).

As an algorithms engineer, you will dive deep into the cuting edge of quantum computing technologies and algorithms and gain knowledge in physics, mathematics, and the quantum computation ecosystem.

You will also work on connecting the logic and API of the algorithms to the hardware of our business partners (quantum hardware providers).


  • Good understanding of linear algebra.

  • Experience of 4+ years of developing SaaS products, working with at least one of the following technologies: {C++, Python, Julia}

  • BS.c in Physics/Computer science/Software engineering/Mathematics – a must

  • Experience working with production environments and deployment on the cloud.

  • Self-driven and can deliver solutions by partnering with both internal and external personnel in the organisation – such as researchers, product managers and management.

  • Ability to work directly with business partners who are large enterprises on integration, and willing to travel from time to time.

  • Experienced with the design of complex systems

  • Experience with numerical research  – an advantage

  • Master’s degree in a scientific field – an advantage

  • Background in Physics – an advantage

  • Background in quantum computing – a big advantage

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