Our Mission

Qedma’s mission is to push the world towards quantum algorithmic advantage by developing software products which enhance the performance of quantum computers. We aspire to provide products that are powerful, valuable and easily integrated into existing hardware, across all quantum computing platforms.


Dr. Asif Sinay


Prof. Dorit Aharonov


Prof. Netanel Lindner​


Our​ Team

Dr. Adiel Meyer​

Avieli Haber​

Asaf Berkovitch

Assaf Zubida​

Aviad Panahi

Barak Gur​

Dr. Barak Katzir​

Dr. Dorri Halbertal

Eran Fuchs

Dr. Eyal Bairey​

Dr. Eyal Leviatan​

Gil Ron​

Dr. Gili Schul​

Prof. Henry Yuen​

Dr. Ilya Gurwich

Prof. Itai Arad​

Ittai Rubistein ​

Dr. Itsik Cohen​

Maor Shutman​

Dr. Oded Kenneth​

Dr. Omri Golan​

Dr. Omrie Ovdat​

Or Golan​

Dr. Ori Alberton​

Dr. Ron Melcer

Rotem Haber

Prof. Shlomi Kotler​

Dr. Shlomi Matityahu​

Yaron Itkin​

Dr. Yosi Atia​

Yotam Lifshitz​

Prof. Zvika Brakerski​

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