Enabling the Quantum Computation Revolution

The ultimate suite of error-handling solutions for the quantum ecosystem

Our Mission

Qedma’s mission is to push the world towards quantum algorithmic advantage by developing software products which enhance the performance of quantum computers. We aspire to provide products that are powerful, valuable and easily integrated into existing hardware, across all quantum computing platforms

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Allowing your quantum computations
to achieve their true potential

Detailed and efficient characterization for noisy QPUs
Error mitigation for
any algorithm
Top-notch speed-accuracy tradeoffs
Enabling maximal quantum circuit volumes
Reliability, verification, stability, robustness
High accuracy results from noisy devices
Cross platform solutions

Meet our products


Error reduction software

Current quantum computers are too noisy for implementing useful quantum algorithms. Qedma’s quantum error suppression and error mitigation (QESEM) solution transforms an algorithm designed for error-free quantum computers into one that can be executed with high accuracy on today’s quantum computers.

Characterization software

High precision, detailed characterization of multi-qubit systems is essential for improving the design of quantum processors and reducing errors in existing quantum computers. Qedma’s characterization protocols, working with unprecedented speed-to-accuracy trade-off, extract the errors occurring during each operation (quantum gate or full computational layer) of the quantum device. Experimentally tested and verified, Qedma’s characterization software provides a flexible, cross platform tool for quantum hardware developers across a variety of platforms, providing all key error parameters in real time and unrivaled speed , accuracy,  in an easy access and user-friendly way. 


Revolutionize your Quantum Computation

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Our Team

Qedma’s team is considered outstanding world-wide. Both CSO Prof Dorit Aharonov, and CTO Prof Netanel Lindner, who are also co-founders, stand as internationally renowned figures in their respective fields, with tens of years of expertise in all relevant areas and a stance of world leaders in Q computation and in the physics of Q many systems. Furthermore, Qedma boasts an extraordinary team of personnel with diverse and cross-disciplinary background.  The research and application teams comprise not only the foremost Q computing researchers in Israel but also global leaders. Collaborating closely with these teams is the development team, which includes uniquely skilled software engineers with a strong background in Israel’s premier technology firms and a history of service within the top technology units of the Israel Defense Forces. Notably, all team members hold degrees in physics or computer science from Israel’s finest universities.

Dr. Asif Sinay


Prof. Dorit Aharonov


Prof. Netanel Lindner​