Qedma's Characterization Software

Fast and detailed characterization of multi-qubit systems is essential for reducing errors in quantum computers. Optimizing multi-qubit systems requires swift and accurate measurements of the performance of each operation, with an in-depth breakdown to various error sources.

Moreover, gate calibration requires ultra-fast protocols for characterization of coherent errors, in the presence of crosstalk and unwanted interactions between qubits.  Commonly used solutions are either limited to coarse-grained error measures, require  exponentially large resources, or suffer from systematic errors.

Qedma’s protocols efficiently characterize errors associated with the gates and operations in a multi-qubit device. Our protocols output errors affecting the active qubits and their neighborhood,

for each gate in the system or for full computational layers, with an unprecedented speed-to-accuracy tradeoff. These errors are presented and analyzed in an interactive dashboard. With real-time classical post processing, they can be directly used for optimizing the performance of the quantum device.


Main attributes
  • Sensitivity to coherent and dissipative errors, including crosstalk errors.
  • State-of-the-art speed to accuracy tradeoff: ~104 shots per parameter for leading digit error (10-3 accuracy).
  • Scalability to large devices, with runtime (quantum and classical) independent of QPU size.
  • Computational layers: characterization of simultaneous gates.
  • Real-time classical processing for integration in calibration loops.


Target Audience
  • Quantum hardware companies seeking to improve gate fidelities and accelerate R&D.
  • Quantum hardware companies seeking to automate device characterization and calibration.
  • Quantum hardware companies seeking to increase device throughput and reduce hardware times devoted to characterization and calibration.
  • Quantum cloud aggregators and data centers seeking to boost the performance of their available quantum hardware.


The characterization dashboard, displaying a detailed breakdown of errors affecting a CNOT gate on an actual device, as measured by Qedma’s protocols. Here the user has chosen to focus on coherent errors, with the total magnitude of coherent errors affecting each qubit and bond within a neighborhood of the gate displayed on the left, and an in-depth view of the dominant individual contributions on the right.