Our Mission

We strongly believe that quantum computation will revolutionize the technological, industrial and scientific world, affecting all aspects of human society and economy, including medicine, sustainability, environment, finance, automotive and more. Together with all major players, we hold that the crucial ingredient that would allow this promising revolution to commence is an effective solution to the major problem of noise and errors in quantum hardware. Qedma Quantum computing set as its mission to deliver a robust, cutting-edge, and cross-platform middleware which would provide the best error reduction software solution worldwide, today and for the foreseeable future. We believe that such middleware would bridge the currently menacing gap between the strong limitations of physical hardware on one hand, and the requirements of end-users towards achieving quantum algorithmic advantages of commercial applications, on the other hand. Qedma’s cutting edge error reduction software had already demonstrated record performances, and our near-term goal is to scale our solution up to a variety of hardware platforms and optimize its performance in a variety of directions, enabling a wide range of end-users to make use of its benefits. Maintaining the highest standards, and applying meticulous and critical tests and verifications, our world-top team emphasizes reliability, ease of use, excellence as well as novelty, to achieve a solution of the highest performance, that would become the standard quantum error reduction solution.

While the current estimates are that the long promised quantum commercial breakthroughs are more than a decade away, at Qedma we strongly believe that with our Qedma’s error reduction solution, the promise of quantum computations will soon be unlocked, and the quantum revolution will commence far earlier than expected. Qedma’s roadmap, in alignment with the roadmaps of the major hardware manufacturers, is designed to enable our customers to achieve initial Quantum advantages for research purposes already within the next year or two, enabling them to arrive at simulations of physical systems of 50-60 qubits, which are already hard to simulate classically. 

A year later, we intend to take our customers to the next level, allowing them to be the first to achieve quantum computational advantages in a variety of algorithms working on 80-100 qubits, providing them with strong advantages in quantum algorithm design and quantum simulations. By further incorporating Qedma’s novel solution which allows our error reduction software to work in conjunction with error correction, Qedma will next allow its customers to be the first to derive utility out of error correction capabilities, as soon as those become available on quantum hardware. This will enable our customers to be the first to arrive at ROI quantum advantages, working on a few hundreds of qubits, within the next few years. 

Our software’s benefits are designed to continue to provide huge advantages further down the road and for many years to come. With our first movers’ advantage, we aim for Qedma’s technology to be ready to unlock new quantum computational capabilities for our customers, as soon as developments in quantum hardware occur. We believe that by sustaining our advantage in the error reduction domain, we are set to be a key enabler of the quantum computing revolution. We believe we are making great strides towards this goal.

In the long run, our ambition is to become the standard operating system for quantum computing. Our operating system will be based on the core IP being developed at Qedma today, extended to give users a variety of cutting edge tools beyond error reduction, including a development environment, compilation, and optimized quantum code libraries. This will enable users to easily develop their Q algorithms and optimize their performance in the quantum devices they have access to. We aim to provide the standard portal for quantum computing for developers and users, with wide accessibility, customers- and hardware-wise. Our operating system will encompass all layers in the quantum software stack, from the underlying physics to algorithm design. We believe this operating system will propel the quantum revolution forward, bringing it to full steam.