Multi-Qubit Characterization

Optimizing multi-qubit systems requires precision measurement of coherent errors, unwanted interactions, systematic correlations between many qubits, and even temporal correlations such as memory effects. Commonly used characterization solutions are severely limited: whereas some provide coarse grained error measures which are insensitive to coherent and crosstalk errors, others incur a high cost in QPU time which scales exponentially with the number of qubits.

Qedma’s protocols efficiently characterize errors associated with the gates and operations in a multi-qubit device. Our protocols output errors affecting the active qubits and their neighborhood, for each gate in the system or for full computational layers, with unprecedented speed-to-accuracy tradeoff. Our characterization software provides hardware developers with a versatile tool which allows them to specify and validate errors models and interaction graphs tailored to their specific hardware. These errors are presented and analyzed in an interactive dashboard, and thanks to our real-time classical post processing, can be directly used for optimizing the performance of the quantum device.

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